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Presenting the 7 Towers Theatre Company’s 7th season…kind of

This season, look for something new and exciting coming from 7 Towers!

When we started this company, we did it on the strength of two things–the people we work with, and our desire to tell stories that have an impact on our audiences. In light of that, we’re changing how we do things to give you MORE opportunities to see us and how we work. Rather than a few large, main-stage productions, we’re giving you 6 (or more!!) smaller shows, presented in venues all over Austin, that focus on what we do best–storytelling by some damned fine storytellers. Across the coming months, watch this space for exciting events like:

  • Exclusive salon-style play readings, where you’ll get a chance to encounter some lesser-known plays and hear how they work out loud with some pretty smart and talented folks alongside you
  • A site-specific production of David Mamet, and one of Romulus Linney, too.
  • Experiments with space and audience interaction
  • Adaptations of Renaissance shows that will include small casts, gender-bending, and some lightning-fast character transitions
  • Live radio play/podcasting events

All of this means that you’ll be seeing a lot more of us as we work to bring you more of what we do best! More details to come!


7 Towers began in 2010 as a collaboration between an actor and a dramaturg (later turned director), both interested in the basic relationship between story, performer, and audience. Placing a particular emphasis on organic rehearsal processes and honest storytelling, we value fundamental methods of communication over flashy spectacle. We are committed to the use of research in the creative process, striving for the closest possible representation of life, emotion, and events. In this way, we utilize the spectrum of academic and practical approaches to performance, continually connecting text to human experience. In the rehearsal room, we value improvisation and intellect, allowing actors’ intuitive understanding of self and story to shape both process and product. We thrive on experimentation. Our fundamental vision is of a theatrical process that searches for precise and deep truth, deeper than what the average person, or even the average artist will accept as sufficient.

7 Towers is a sponsored project of Austin Creative Alliance.

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7 Towers is motivated by what Martha Graham describes as a “queer, divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive.” We are dedicated to making theatre that challenges the status quo, both in content and in production style. We seek to produce both new and classic plays that ask exhaustive and probing questions about the society we live in and the function of art within it. We are not interested in asking questions we already know the answers to. We strive to simultaneously grant actors a greater degree of creative freedom in the rehearsal room and to make them more responsible for the product in production. We believe that exploring contemporary experience through direct, honest, and often irreverent storytelling can open live theatre to new and diverse audiences.



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